CCPC Staff

Director – Dr. Elizabeth Cieniewicz

Libby is an Assistant Professor of Plant Virology at Clemson University and oversees all CCPC operations.

Foundation Manager – Brodie Cox


Brodie earned his M.S. from Clemson University in 2020. His responsibilities include managing the Foundation facilities and plots, budwood/seed production and filling orders, and maintaining records of the mother trees in the foundation. Brodie also serves on the NCPN Outreach and Education Committee.

Diagnostics – Garner Powell

Garner earned his B.S. from Clemson University in 2021. He conducts molecular diagnostics on new entries for Foundation, follow-up testing on accessions in virus elimination, and annual retention testing of the Foundation collection. He also works on improving protocols.

Virus Elimination – Dr. Rabia El-Hawaz

Rabia is establishing the newest aspect of the CCPC, virus elimination in Prunus. She is adapting and developing protocols in heat therapy and tissue culture to eliminate viruses from important stone fruit cultivars.